Beauty Bakerie Illuminator Review

The other day I placed an order from Cult Beauty, I was scrolling through their site when I saw this, the Beauty Bakerie Illuminator. In all honesty I bought it purely because of the packaging. I had never heard of this brand before all their product have food inspired names, they are also cruelty free which is a plus.

So Icy Illuminator – £27.00 

The packaging is so cute it looks like an ice cream tub, I’m going to have to keep it on my dressing table as it is too tall to go in my draws and it can’t be tipped on its side as the product will leak. This is not suitable for traveling as the lid isn’t secure and the powder will spill out. When it arrived there was already some product around the outside of the tub and quite a lot had spilled into the top section, even though the holes were sealed up, as you can see in the picture below.

My hands got covered in glitter just by opening it, I think this is just due to it being shook around during shipping. Hopefully it won’t be as messy the next time I use it as I have cleaned of the outside and am keeping it upright.

It came with a sprinkler top that has five holes. After some struggle and getting even more glitter everywhere I got the top off. I assume it isn’t meant to come off as I think it was glued on but it easily places back on top. I wanted to remove it however as I wanted to see how much product I actually got, and the answer is not much. You do get 13g weather or not mine still had 13g in after being shook around is a different matter. 13g is a lot of product but in comparison to the size of the packaging you would expect a bit more, less than a quarter of the tub has product in and for the price I found that a little disappointing.

I got the shade Iced it is the palest shade they do, it is a peachy gold tone and will be perfect for summer. This product is aimed for body shimmer as well which I think I will try out in the summer when I have a bit of a tan.

My final thoughts, I think this is a novelty product and is a one time purchase. I will most probably keep the tub once I’ve used all the power and keep other bits and bobs inside it. You are paying for the packaging which I admit I fell for (it is pretty cute). I think it is a nice highlighter maybe not worth the money however it should last a while as long as I don’t knock it over and spill it everywhere!


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Poppie Valentina

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