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This month is nearly up that means I have been blogging for a whole month now. I’m so glad I stuck to it and can’t wait to share more with you in the coming months. Today I thought I’d talk about The Happiness Planner, you may or may not of heard of this before but it is basically a diary that encourages you to think more positively.


It’s a pretty thick book which also means it’s heavy, so not practical for traveling but perfect for your desk or bedside table. There are 4 different colour options, I got the Serenity and Rose Quartz (Jan-Dec planner) I would have prefered the black one but it was sold out, they are now back in stock though if you would like one. I bought my planner at the beginning of January and it didn’t arrive until the 16th so had a bit of a late start to this month. I bought it for £40 however they are currently on sale for £38.


Everyday is set out like this page below. There is an inspirational quote at the top of the page, you then have 10 different headings and sections to fill in: ‘Today I’m Excited about’, ‘Main Focus’, ‘Exercises’, ‘Meals, Schedule’, ‘To do’, ‘Notes’ , ‘Good things About Today’, ‘What I’m Grateful For’ and ‘What I Hope For Tomorrow’. I like how this planner has dedicated sections for tracking meals and exercise and also makes you reflect on each day and finding a positive in everything by saying good things about today and what you’re grateful for.


At the end of each month there is a reflection page where you can rate how you were feeling this month. There are also 8 boxes to fill in – ‘Describe January in 3 Words’, ‘This Months Happiest Moments’, This Months Struggles’, ‘How I overcame them’, ‘What I Learned This Month’, ‘Who/What I’m Grateful For’, ‘What I’d Like To Improve Next Month’ and ‘Anything Else To Note’. I find these help you reflect on the good and the bad but also look to the future and not dwell on the past.


There is then a plan for the next month where you can set personal and work goals. I have already set myself some goals for February, Continue with regular blog posts and Get a regular sleeping pattern.

Every month has a double page spread calendar so you can plan ahead, these pages are easily found by the tabs on the side of the journal. I’m looking forward to February I have a trip to London planned, a few of my friends have their birthdays next month as well.


I hope you had a good January and stuck to your resolutions or goals if you made any. If you didn’t it’s okay tomorrow is a new day.


Thanks for reading,

Poppie Valentina

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