Benefit Roller Lash Review

I thought I’d give you my review of Benefit Roller Lash as I have been using it for a couple of months now.

Benefit makeup isn’t normally sold in my local boots, but a couple of months ago I noticed a stand that had there mascaras on. Since I’d heard so much hype about the Roller Lash mascara I decided to take the plunge. I had never seen the point in buying a high end mascara before as I thought they would just do the same job as a drugstore mascara. I wanted to see if they really are worth the price as they are at least double the price of drugstore mascaras.

Benefit Roller Lash is £19.50

As with all things Benefit the packaging is adorable, the handle has a rubber coating which makes it nice to grip and comfortable to hold but as you might be able to tell gets dirty easily. When I first opened it I was shocked at how small the brush was, for some reason I was expecting a bigger brush as this is what I normally use and  is what I thought was good for curling lashes, which is what this mascara is all about hence the namer ‘roller’. To be honest I can’t say I’ve noticed much difference in terms or curled lashed it seems to do pretty much the same as what my other drugstore mascaras do.

The first time using it I wasnt keen, but after a few uses I got used to the brush and have been using it for a few months now. A pro to the smaller brush is that it is small enough to use on your lower lashes and gives the perfect amount of length. I’m still not a pro at applying mascara and manage to get some on my lid but the smaller brush on this mascara has helped. I have found it gives a very natural look, it fans out your lashes, makes them look longer and doesn’t clump your lashes together like some other mascaras.

Overall I like this mascara, once it has finished however I  think I’m going to go back to my drugstore mascara. For the price I don’t see much difference, who knows I may find that when I go back to using a drugstore mascara I realise how good this one is but I will keep you updated.


Thanks for reading,

Poppie Valentina

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